Saturday, September 24, 2011


Another week and another Total Circuit for you!

This week has been great with a nice change in the weather bringing much milder temperatures here as we head into the autumn. So nice!

Here is this weeks Total Circuit workout. As always there are 10 exercises that you will do for 1 minute each and run through the whole lot twice for a total of 20 minutes of a whole body workout.

Here are the exercises; some you have done already and some are new so remember to watch the video to see exactly how to do each one properly.

TOTAL CIRCUIT 005 - 20 minutes total time

Squat + Star Jump
Leg Raise Ball Pass
Tiger Push Ups (Diamond Hand Push Ups + Downward Dog)
Moving One Leg Squats - Left Side (you will need a chair for this one)
Moving One Leg Squats - Right Side
Boat Pose
Uneven Sideways Push Ups
Elastic (or light weight) Shoulder Combo (you need your elastic or a light weight for this one)
Lunge Jumps

And here is this weeks video:

So there you go. Feel free to ask any questions you might have and I will get to answering them straight away. So now watch the video, set your timer and GO!!!

Happy training guys!

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