Sunday, September 4, 2011

FITNESS TEST 001 & 002

Good morning fitness fans and freaks!

Today I have something a little bit different for you. Today we are going to do 2 different fitness tests instead of our usual work outs. These tests are a great way to measure your fitness and guage your improvement as you go along on your fitness journey.

The 2 tests I have for you are very different from each other; one is an all round Fitness Test and one is a core abdominal Fitness Test. I highly recommend keeping a training diary and you can write down your times for each test and then in a week or two you can go back and repeat the tests to see if you can beat your own times.

Ok, so let's get into it!!!

FITNESS TEST 001 - General Focus

All of the exercises are ones that you have already done in previous Total Circuit Workouts so you will be familiar with them all and you will be performing 40 reps each of the following exercises in this order... just watch the video if you need reminding about how to do any of the exercises correctly.

Star Jumps (Jumping Jacks)
V Sit
Push Up
Push Up Burpees
Leg Raise Ball Pass
Shoulder Press
Sumo Squat with Side Leg Raises

So, press start on your stopwatch using it just as a timer and perform 40 reps of each of the 7 exercises in that order and then record your time to try and beat next time. Remember to perform the exercises properly, don't get sloppy and lazy!

My time for this Fitness Test was 12:57 - Can you beat that?

And now for the next one...

FITNESS TEST 002 - Core Focus

So this Fitness Test is based entirely around your core abdominal muscles and is a great workout in it's own right for any time and is a great one for all you climbers and other sports people out there to do regularly. It is a killer 300 rep core workout or test, go get it!

Start your stopwatch as a timer and then perform the following exercises... you perform timed planks and boat pose first for a total of 3 minutes then perform 30 reps of the remaining 7 exercises. For the static poses I count each 2 seconds and 1 rep.
Again you will have seen almost all of these exercises in previous Total Circuit workouts but watch the video first to make sure you get each exercise right.

1 minute Plank
1 minute Boat Pose
1 minute Side Plank (30 seconds each side)

Then do 30 reps each of the following...

Leg Raise Ball Pass
Raised Leg Hip Ups
Twisting Leg Raise
Elbow Prop Scissors
V Sit
Leg Raise

And there you have it. My time for this Core Fitness Test was 12:00 - Can you beat that too?

Here is the video showing the exercises in both of these Fitness Tests:

Ok, so now go out and give them a try and don't forget to record your times in you diary and then come back to them in a week or two and see if you can beat your time as you get fitter!

Enjoy and I will be back with our next Total Circuit workout that I have ready for you in the next few days... Go get it!


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