Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Good morning one and all!

Hope your week has been amazing and full of plenty of training, I know mine has!

Ok, so here is this weeks Total Circuit workout. Again there are some exercises that you are familiar with and some that are new so watch the video and then set your stopwatch and get into it!
There are 10 exercises and you will do each one for 1 minute and run through it twice for a 20 minute work out. This weeks work out has a big of an emphasis on chest and core with a lot of push up variations :)

Here we go...

TOTAL CIRCUIT 006 - 20 minutes total time

Squat & Star Jump
Push Up to Side Plank
Boat Pose & Roman Twist
Tiger Push Ups
Elbow Prop Scissors
Mountain Climbers
One Foot Elevated Push Ups
Raised Leg Crunches
Spiderman Push Ups
Raised Leg Hip Ups

And here is the video so you can see how to do all of this weeks exercises properly:

Ok, so there you have it, another killer work out. Remember you can email in or post any questions you have and I will answer them as soon as I can.

Now go get it!


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