Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome to 'Athlete By Choice'

So hi, bonjour, ni hao and hello!

Welcome to Athlete By Choice. This blog is dedicated to those folk who are out there pushing their limits in their sports for no other reason than because they want to - the love it - they live and breathe it. Those people are my inspiration. They are athletes by choice...

What is choice? It is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. Those of us who love our sport and want to improve have that kind of decision to make. Do we want to strive to improve and progress or are we ok with watching time and opportunity pass us by? It's our own choice.

A little bit about what this is all about. For those of you who don't know me I am Duncan Brown. I am a rock climber, outdoor enthusiast and avid traveller among many other things and right now I live in the amazing town of Yangshuo in Guanxi Province in Southern China. Aside from the amazing food, scenery and culture I live here for the rock climbing. Climbing is the passion of my life and while I am not perhaps what you would call an amazingly talented climber I love pushing myself and trying to improve.

I have a bit of history in sports coaching in Swimming, Gymnastics, Trampoline and of course Rock Climbing and now I am trying to pull together the things I have learned over the years to create effective training plans for myself and my friends using both climbing an cross training techniques to help us improve at the sports we love.

The reason for starting this site is because I get a lot of friends asking me to help them out with strength training plans, etc and I thought instead I would put my thoughts and plans up here for all to see.

The main focus of my plans on here will be strength conditioning and core strength training which will be both useful and applicable to the majority of sports as well as great for simply getting and staying in shape.

As always, if you are unsure about beginning a training program or are new to exercise please consult your doctor first.

Please feel free to contact me through this blog if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks for visiting and welcome to Athlete By Choice!


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