Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hi again!

While I wont be posting every few days all the time I do have a few things up my sleeve ready to go to get us all started so here is the second of my Total Circuits to get you working.

You may have noticed the first one was a bit focused on chest, shoulders and core, well this one is a bit more of an all rounder but maybe a little tougher in some ways. I have changed my timings a little to make it easier for those with no interval stop watches so everything is done on the minute. But, also no rests, just go, go, go for 20 full minutes so it's a killer if you keep up your pace throughout the workout.
Also there are a few exercises in this that carry on from the first Total Circuit as well as new ones, this should give you some continuity and flow from the exercises you have already learned while you also learn new ones. I find that the overlaps as you go helps you develop and expand your repetoire more organically.

So, here is the layout...

TOTAL CIRCUIT 002 - 20 minutes total time

Spiderman Push Ups
Core Ball Pass
V Sits
Lunges & Leg Raises
Twisting Leg Raises
Sumo Squats & Side Leg Raises
Alternating Superman
Star Jumps

You perfom each exercise for a full mintue then swap to the next immediately, using a timer with an alarm makes this easier than watching a clock of course. Complete 2 full rounds of this for your full 20 minute workout.

Here is a video of how to perform each exercise...

Athlete By Choice - Total Circuit 002 from Duncan Brown on Vimeo.

I have another Total Circuit coming in a few days as well as a Time Trial too (Time Trials will be a good way of measuring your improvement as you go so watch out for that coming up).

Enjoy and have fun!



  1. Hey Duncan, thanks for putting these workouts up. They are great for climbers (like me) who are trying to climb harder!

    This has showed me just how weak my core is though... I could only get through one set! Would you recommend starting off doing say 30 or 40 seconds per exercise and increasing as I get fitter?



  2. Hey there Matt,

    No problem at all, thanks for the great feedback!

    If you have trouble getting through it all then you could of course do it with intervals of rest to begin with... set a timer for 40 second by 20 second intervals or what ever you can do and after a few days or so like that start to increase the work time and decrease the rest until you are up to full minutes with no rest. Easy as that.

    Cheers Matt, thanks again :)