Friday, August 26, 2011


Good afternoon all!

I'm back again with a third Total Circuit workout for you for this week. This one is a bit different in that it has a fair few static poses, meaning poses or positions that you will hold statically (or try to at least!) for the whole minute.

Again the workout contains 10 exercises that you will do for 1 minute each and run through the 10 exercises twice for a total of a 20 minute work out. Easy. Remember it will be easier for you if you have a timer that beeps at you every minute to save you having to watch the clock when you are fighting the burn!

Ok so here it goes...

TOTAL CIRCUIT 003 - 20 minutes total time

Starjump Burpees
Star Plank
Boat Pose
Warrior Burpees
Extended Plank
Reverse Star
Star Jumps
Alternating Superman
Lunge & Leg Raise
V Sits

Again there are a few exercises in there that you already know and some new ones as well so just watch the video to see how to do each of the exercises then set your stopwatch and go!

Hope you enjoy the workout, see you all again really soon!



  1. Hey Dunc, thanks again, great stuff. some questions:

    - Do you do those workout on climbing days? before or after climbing? usually I either get worn out by climbing to do anything afterwards or I find working out gets my climbing level down, because I start tired...

    - Do you mean to do a different circuit for different days of the week or a different circuit for different weeks?

    - If I don't do any yoga, does it matter?


  2. Hey Alon!

    No problem man, glad you're psyched on them!

    So I do them nearly every day. If I am climbing in the afternoon I do one in the norning or vice versa. IF you have to do it at the same time as your tclimbing training I would do it afterwards. It will be hard but worth it.

    With choosing which workout to do you can do one all week then change, or do a different one each day or anything in between. I personally prefer variety so I do a different one everyday and rotate through them. But having a favourite you do regularly is fine too.

    I am not doing as much Yoga as usual lately either but I am stretching for about 20 minutes each evening. so long as you are stretching a bit each day it's no problem whether you are doing yoga or normal stretching.

    Glad you're psyched man! Any other questions or feedback just ask :)