Monday, November 28, 2011


Welcome back guys!

We have been having a great week here training and getting ready for the annual Yangshuo Climbing Festival that I will be chief rout setter for the bouldering competition at.

Here is this weeks, and our 8th in all, Total Circuit workout. Remember to do each exercise for 1 minute each and repeat the sequence twice for a total 20 minute workout.

Here we go!

TOTAL CIRCUIT 008 - 20 minutes total time

Warrior Burpees
Boat Pose Roman Twists
Sumo Squat with opposite Knee to Elbow touch
V Snaps
Breakdance Push Ups
Leg Raise Crunches
Squat Jumps
Boat Pose Scissors
Jumping Lunges
Wide Side to Side Push Ups

There you have it, your 10 exercises for the week. Be sure to watch the video to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly.

Now go get it and enjoy your training folks!!!!



  1. Climbing enthousiastMarch 20, 2012 at 4:56 AM

    Hey man, very nice work-out schemes you have here! Cannot wait for the spring-edition! :-)

  2. Thanks buddy :)
    After a long winter lay over there will be more good stuff coming up very soon! Keep a look out over the next couple of weeks!