Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The ultimate pyramid???

Hi all,

This is just a quick one from a training session I was doing today. It's a simple thing, a pyramid, but with a twist. Now pyramids are a nice, simple training structure that can be used for a lot of things but this one was brutal.
Instead of one exercise, you are going to do 3: Pull Ups, Push Ups, V-Sits.

Pull Ups:  I did standard wide pull ups on my hang board, but a bar will be fine too. If they are too hard, put your foot on a chair to assist.

Push Ups:  Again I did standard shoulder width push ups to keep this simple, but you can use any variation of a push up that you like. If they are hard just put your knees on the floor to make them easier.

V-Sits:  I chose V-Sits for this as I love them, but you can use any good core exercise you like such as leg raises, raised leg crunches, roman twists, etc. Check some of the Total Circuit videos for other ideas too.

So here's how to do it...

Set your stop watch for 1 minute intervals.

On minute 1 do 1 repetition of each exercise. Easy.
On minute 2 do 2 reps of each.
On minute 3 do 3... and so on up to 10 reps of each on minute 10 (which is mind bendingly hard as you are tired and you have only 20 seconds to do the 10 reps of each exercise!!!)
On minute 11 go back to 9 reps of each exercise.
On minute 12 do 8 reps of each.
On minute 13 do 7 reps... and so on till you are back to 1 rep of each exercise.

The whole thing takes 19 minutes and should have you feeling weak at the knees by the time your done...
Too easy? If so, try a pyramid up to 15, or 20, or?

Happy training people! Look out really soon for some more total circuits and some more climbing specific workouts too!

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