Friday, June 8, 2012


Good morning one and all!

Hope you have all had a great week of training or climbing or doing something fun. It is getting hotter and more humid here in Yangshuo but it's not stopping us from training hard and sending fun routes here yet  :)

Here is this week's Total Circuit. As always just set your timer for 1 minute and do each exercise for the whole minute, performing as many repetitions as you can in the minute then moving straight on to the next exercise. Do the 10 exercises through then return to the start for one more set of each for a total of a 20 minute killer workout.


Here are this week's exercises!


1.  Standard Push Ups  -  Hands shoulder width apart, lower down till your chest nearly touches the ground, push back up, repeat.


2.  Lateral Lunge  -  Stand upright, arms out at shoulder height either straight or bent, step out to one side and lower into a side lunge, push back up to standing center and repeat on the other side, repeat.


3.  Push Up To Side Plank  -  Another favorite of mine, standard push up but pushing up to a side plank position, hold for 3 seconds, lower and repeat on the other side, repeat.


4.  Star Jumps  -  Or Jumping Jacks - You all know how to do this one  :)


5.  Diamond Push Ups  -  Put your hands together on the floor so your thumbs touch and forefingers touch making a diamond shape, perform a push up keeping your elbows close in by your sides, repeat.


6.  V Sits  -  Another one of my tried and true favorites, I do these almost every day, I think you all know these ones by now  :)


7.  Wide Side To Side Push Ups  -  Perform a wide push up, step your hands and feet together, step them out wide on the other side and perform another wide push up, step back to middle, repeat to the other side, etc.


8.  Skipping  -  I'm sure you know this one! Remember, if you don't have a skipping rope then any old peice of rope will do  :)


9.  Alternating Superman  -  hold the opposite arm and leg out horizontal, hold each side for 5 seconds, then swap to the other side. If these are too easy try them on your toes, no knees on the floor, in a plank position.


10.  Leg Raises  -  Lay on your back, hands by your sides and raise your legs up to 90 degrees then lower back down to just about the floor and repeat without actually touching the floor each time, repeat.


Ok guys and gals, there you have it. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

Now go get training and enjoy!


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